Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jon & Jay (E Session)

      I got a call the earlier part of the year from Jon and her sisters about her engagement.  This is my cousin and although I know she's a young lady now I guess it took a minute for it to register.  You know I was curious to know about this fellow that has grabbed a part of her heart, but after meeting Jay I felt at ease.  Now we can move on to scheduling the session and as we moved it back a few times I knew the weather was not going to continue to hold up.  If you've been around Huntsville you know that the weather has been a little spring like to be winter time, but God granted us one more beautiful weekend.  It was great and I enjoyed getting to know Jay a little better and spending time with Jon.  With temps in the 70's in December you couldn't ask for more favor at this time of year.  Congratulations to the two and I can't wait till March to capture your wedding day. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Courage, Commitment & Love (Porsha & Jamaal)

      As the day to shoot Porsha and Jamaal's engagement session got closer.  I began to think of how I would approach the shoot.  Porsha helped me by communicating what they would wear during the session.  Since Jamaal would be wearing his military uniform I wanted to approach it a little different than what I had seen before.  Different things started to inspire me from clips of superman to seeing the U.S. flag.  We had great weather on this day and because of that it made me more relaxed.  It's amazing what cool dry weather can do for the soul.  As I was putting this post together three words stood out.  COURAGE for what Jamaal displays by serving as one of our proud soldiers. COMMITMENT for the devotion they have for their favorite team, Roll Tide and then LOVE for when it comes to wanting to make the wonderful choose of marriage.  I was honored to capture and be apart of this special moment.  I pray God continues to bless both of you and supply you with the tools to have a successful marriage.  You've already seen the sneak peek, so here are a those plus a few more from this pleasant Sunday evening.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nichole + Terrell = Married

         When I think of this couple I think Cool.  Nichole is lay back with almost a guy coolness if you understand where I'm coming from.  Terrell is very similar to his wife.   Very attentive and seems to not say nothing that's unnecessary.  You know how us guys can be when sticking our foots in our mouths lol.  I don't see Terrell as one of those guys.  This was a very enjoyable experience and I got to work with one of my favorite coordinators, Donissia Tibbs (Heavenly Engagements) who knocked another one out the park.  I wanted to share with my bloggers this April wedding.  I hope to do better at posting on the blog as I've done more on facebook.  I hope that if your not following me there that you will now.  Stay tune to both locations as I try and play catch up and post past work.  Hope you enjoy the snippets of this beautiful wedding. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dappheyne + James = Married

      This couple was really fun to work with.  They brought a laid back feel to this whole experience.  When your able to have this type of environment it sometimes allows your mind to actually work lol. I expected the wedding day to be not much different from the engagement shoot.  We all know that weddings do bring there own type of drama and tension.  Not saying there will be arguing or fussing just saying the day in itself has been planned for months even years, so you expect it to be successful.  This wedding didn't let us down.  Under the direction of Chantaye Robinson-Jones everything turned out beautiful.  Here are few images that were captured on this wonderful day in May.