Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming 2009

I was quite delighted when the parents of both of these young ladies ask me to take a couple of pictures for their high school homecoming celebrations. Brooklyn wanted to go out to the Bridgestreet location for a few. She was truly a trooper with it being cold we tried to make it as quick and simple as possible. With her being a part of the homecoming court we had to let the coat go so she could show off the sash. I see her growing up to be just as smart and as beautiful as her mom... smile mom :) . Mrs. Breanna such a personality I enjoyed what we done at her home. This young lady is so much fun to be around and was not bashful at all. Look for her to break some hearts down the road. She has a combination of beauty and sense of humor that lures you into her world. Her mom a good friend of mine has really done a good job raising her and no doubt she will not disappoint you. To both I appreciate the opportunity I love you guys and continue to build your relationship with God and trust him and not what any young man may think he has to offer you. Stay focus and continue to be sweet. Peace!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Temisha & Cedric

This weekend I had the opportunity to assist Neville Simpson of N'Sight Photography in a wedding in Montgomery, Alabama. It was one of the best times I've had sense joining the photography ranks. I normally wait till the photographer I assist blogs or view the pics, but brother Simpson gave me the go ahead. I'm pretty sure the best is yet to come because Neville is one of the most creative cats that I've been around and some of the stuff he did Saturday was just awesome so be sure to log on and stay tune for the Temisha and Cedric Wedding post. This was my first time meeting the couple and they were just great to work for. Most people are nervous when this day comes, but neither showed any signs of breaking down. Before closing I would like to also shout out Michael Adderley of Michael Adderley Photography who is most definitely going to make some noise in the business. He also assisted Neville in this beautiful wedding. I hope you enjoy the pics and be sure to keep the newlyweds in your prayers. For this is just the beginning and Satan is always busy. Glory be to God and thanks to all. Peace

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sense my daughter has started playing soccer I've truly found a interest in the sport. I went out this past Monday evening and took some shots of a team that is really fun to watch. This team is the Boys & Girls club U12 girls team and they are ranked first in Alabama. This is not a fly by night program and I believe so many assume that you can't get the training you need to compete at this level from here. This team and these coaches will prove you wrong my hat goes off to the U12 girls Hard Rollers soccer team.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nikia & Derek

Nikia and Derek's wedding was absolutely beautiful. I first come to know these two when they inquired my availability for this date. We did a conference call and after a little while I found that the grooms dad and my step dad had been good friends for sometime, and also both were members of the church that I attend. Well the unfortunate thing about it is, that I didn't get to do much with the couple because of the schedules at home. See they live out of state and it was just hard for them to make it before the wedding. I believe the shots turned out real well. I hate that I didn't get to do much creative stuff due to time and of course patience. I thank the brides mom Mrs. Morgan who was excellent to work with and the Wedding Coordinator Mrs. Smith. I know some of you wonder where does the Black & White Photography come from. Just to clear up the curiosity. My friend that I shoot with quite a bit, this has become our little thing although we both have our own photography businesses. So when you see this logo you know that its been a Black and White production. God Bless, PEACE

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gabrielle & Adam Wedding

Here are a few pics from Gabreille and Adams wedding. I worked this with faithful Susan Eason who always has my back and friend Ron Ford. I don't know what I would had done without these two. This was absolutely a beautiful wedding. I congratulate the two newlyweds and pray that God continue to show favor in your lives. I would like to thank Kah of N Any Event Planning and Consulting for continuing to tell people about a new cat on the photography scene. This is a habit I can get use to.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here are a few pictures of my daughter that I took yesterday. It was suppose to be a day of pictures for her, but my mom called and told her that her cousins were over there waiting to see her. From that point on getting over grannys was all that was on her mind. I got as many as I could in the little time she allowed me to take them. So for about fifteen minutes of shooting I guess you could say I'm satisfied.