Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sneak Peek

       Sneak preview of yesterdays wedding of Khalilah & James Young.  Held at the lovely Botanical Gardens, with absolutely beautiful weather making this union just that much more of a pleasant memory.  Collaboration with Susan Eason of SLE Photography whom I'm always grateful to work with. Congrats Khalilah and James!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks Hurricane Chapel First Family

        Me and Pastor Battles go way back. We're always happy to see one another when our paths cross.  We had the chance to see each other more often when our daughters were all involved with the same upward basketball program.  He mention that he was now the Pastor at Hurricane Chapel and would be needing me to help him with a couple of things.  That opportunity came faster than I thought when he needed a family picture for a billboard.  It was my pleasure to accommodate this request.  The congregation has grown since under his leadership and I expect nothing but the best out of this man of God.  I never take for granted my opportunity's and want to thank Pastor Battles and First Lady Battles and I can't forget about his adorable girls.  Thank you and my God continue to bless you and the Hurricane Chapel family.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(Now I Can See) Peyton's New Glasses

         After a weekend in Boston. I was ready to get home to see my two ladies, but what I really wanted to see was Peyton in her new glasses.  Christal had sent me a photo of her in them through text, and when I saw it I just smiled.  She was too adorable, but the thing about it all was we thought she was putting on the whole time.  After she complain for a while her mom had decided to go ahead and schedule a appointment with the eye doctor.  I think her mother and I really believed she was being dramatic about the eye hurting thing.  Nevertheless, we knew a couple of her friends from school was now in glasses and I felt she just liked them and would put on this act to see if she could get her a pair.  Well we were wrong and felt kinda bad that she really needed them.  Once I got everything unpacked I had to snap a shot of her in them to blog, but it didn't stop with her she insisted that I take a shot of just the glasses.  So, the blog pictures are what Pee wanted and what she wants she gets lol.  One more thing.... My wife said when she first put them on she was stepping like she was stepping down and the step was a further drop than she thought.  I imagine that in my head and feel out laughing because I know we have all done that.  Step down and your leg keeps going because you thought the drop was not as far as you first calculated. Peyton you look good in your glasses baby.  Keep wearing them and you will get your walking together.  God bless!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Serving The City

           This morning the Corn Family started our day off by serving our community.  This effort was a collaboration of church's reaching out in one accord to give back through christian love and fellowship.  My church served as the North Hub, we had quite a few things going on at the church as well as abroad.  I had the pleasure of being one of the photographers to capture the event.  My wife and Peyton went to the Downtown Rescue Mission to assist in distributing bus passes. I covered two events, one was the flashlight give away on the campus of Alabama A&M and the free lunch giveaway at Lakewood Baptist.  My fellow brothers and sisters came out to serve in many capacity's.    Some helped in construction, sewing, letter writing to the troops, planting flowers, free car wash, and so on.  It felt good to see all of the smiling faces.  It helps when you see that because it allows others to be receptive to whats going on. I leave you with this quote from Pastor Davis when asked what did Serving The City mean to him "When I think of serving the city as one, I think of two things, the first thing is "Service" and the second is "Unity".  Jesus himself prayed that we may be one, and because we are His, we are servants as well.  Therefore, for us to serve this city as one is the will of God." Here's a few photos from the events I had the opportunity to cover.  God Bless, Peace....