Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Family Affair (Melinda & Billy)

This was a opportunity to give back to someone who has been a help to me since the start of my photography business. Billy being a Videogapher has help me with different presentations and projects. That in itself was reason enough to get pump up to give it my all.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Lake Guntersville State Lodge in Guntersville, Alabama.  This was set to be a wonderful day for a wedding.  As we gathered our gear and went into the establishment I was blown away with the interior of the place.  We didn't get two steps in and we were pointing out certain areas we wanted to be sure to snap pictures of the couple.  We had a different plan, but looking at time and what we wanted to accomplish. Neville (N'Sight Photography) took the bride and I had Billy and the guys.  One thing that stood out about this particular wedding.  Was the family that traveled to support this union of Melinda and Billy.  Melinda's brother along with the other Minister performed the ceremony, There was a relative that was the coordinator, Melinda's twin sister spoke as they did the sand ceremony, and what really got me was Billy announced that his Best Man had traveled by car from California.  If that's not love for your brother I don't know what is.  Congrats to Melinda and Billy on this new chapter of your lives.  I wish you many blessings in your future.  I also want to shout out Keith Matthews (AVO Wedding Video), John Lansdown (IVP & Photography), DJ At Large out of Montgomery, Al and my boy Micheal Adderley (Micheal Adderley Photography) these were just a few of the vendors that help make this day a success.  Hope you enjoy the pics, God Bless!!!!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forty The New Thirty (Cassandra Rice)

          Is Forty the new thirty? If you asked those who have reached it they'll probably say yeah lol.  My dear friend Cassandra has become the newest member of the forty club. Her mom contacted me a few months back about this opportunity.  We discussed her plans on giving her oldest daughter a fortieth birthday party. Knowing that one thing that she could not do is keep it a secret from her, so San had knowledge all about it.  I say that because all that know San, know that she is one hell of a detective lol.  Berta (San's mom) did an excellent job on putting it together.  Once she told me she was cooking all the food.  I was coming if for nothing but to eat :-) .  This family is close and it showed as they all came through to help San celebrate.  J's Special Occasion had a full house this Saturday night and I was blessed to be a part of this milestone in her life.  This is one party that once everyone ate they kept someone on the dance floor as for myself I thoroughly enjoyed the young ones showing us how they do it now, but the d.j. also gave the old school a chance to do it ourselves.  I send Mrs. Cassandra Rice another Happy Birthday and here are a few images from the fun we had last night.  God Bless, Peace......