Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proud Of My Little Girl

     We sometimes as parents forget to tell our children when we are proud of them.  After all of the yelling, grounding, and spankings are done we hope that they follow the right track.  I know that discipline doesn't start out of the blue, but it's something that you start training at a young age.  My wife is the best about keeping Peyton on top of her school work.  As a child she has her days, but when that folder that she brings home everyday has some good news you want to let her know how proud you are of her.  Peyton continues to do well and It doesn't go unnoticed when she works hard to do so.  I am proud of her as well as her mom who takes the time to do whats needed to make sure that she is successful in her efforts.  I love you baby and keep up the good work.  That goes for both of my ladies (Christi & Peyton) :-0

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tiffany + Anthony = Married

     Just up the road in Fayetteville Tennessee about a mile off the main highway.  Tiffany and Tony (Anthony) decided to invite friends and family to witness their life commitment to one another.  I had the pleasure of working once again with my friend and brother from another mother Keith Pullum (Keith Pullum Photography).  It's always a exciting time for everyone as the nervousness and anticipation of the day takes over our actions.  Tony never seemed to be nervous and as his best man co signed that he never does.  Well if he did show it I was planning on catching it through my documentation of the day.  I must admit I never seemed to see anything but a cool, calm, and collective Tony.  My thing was as soon as he see her come down the isle all would change.  As this church packed to capacity to see this beautiful bride come down to marry her love I think I saw a bead of sweat come down the middle of his head lol.  Naw, but in all seriousness Tiffany was very beautiful and Tony didn't look to bad himself.  I had a blast with this young couple and I have to shout out parents on both sides as they done a wonderful job in the decorations and planning.  I know their were others, especially those who help put up the parachute to decorate for the reception.  I'm sure Tiffany and Tony appreciate it and evidently it was done to make sure that this day would be remembered by the two newlyweds.  I wish you guys blessings through out the rest of your days as husband and wife.  Here are few highlights from this beautiful Saturday in April.