Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brittany & Levi (Committed)

        I have to start off this post by thanking God for what he's doing in my life.  I start it off this way because when I think of Brittany and how she appreciates my work.  It allows me to think back at how I would look at other photographers and just be in aw at some of their photographs.  Brittany shows me just that type of love and appreciation.  This was a bitter sweet session for me.  Brittany and Levi have their appointment with the preacher October 1st.  Brittany is a co-worker of mine and had told me that she would love for me to be her and Levi's photographer for their wedding.  The unfortunate thing was I was already booked for this day.  I think disappointment set in on both of us when It seemed that neither could budge on the obligation we had for that day.  To even consider moving it was a compliment, but it just couldn't be.  Well, we got together and she still wanted pictures, so that's when she booked me to shoot their engagement session.  I thought it out and had some locations in mind.  The old saying when it rains it pours seemed to be creeping in when one of the locations wouldn't allow us to use their facilities.  That wasn't going to stop us and I was determine to stay focus.  We decided to meet out in New Market and I choose this because of the country feel and old buildings.  After a few snaps there I wanted to allow Levi to serenade Brittany a little with his guitar.  So we decided to move over to Sharon Johnson Park and let Levi do a little singing and he did give me the country version of a few R&B tunes lol.  The interaction among them gave me some pretty good shots.  As the day was coming to an end I had one more spot to go and I thought there would be a good spot to end our session.  I was glad I made it because it gave us a couple great silhouettes and some other good stuff with the sun setting.  I thank Brittany and Levi for being so patient and not allowing disappointment to ruin what was a awesome session.  Wish you nothing but love and blessings in future days a head as husband and wife.  God Bless.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teka & Jamie (A Building Of Love)

       I remember when I first saw Teka and Jamie together.  It seemed to be easier to separate white out of milk than to see these two apart.  That's the beauty of love when you find the right one you become inseparable.  I'm jumping up and down to shoot this wedding and being a November wedding the temps should be perfect.  Now about this engagement session...... After talking a bit about locations we decided to go to Hampton Cove and use the beautiful waterfall as our backdrop.  I hadn't shot here in a while, so I was wondering what shots could we pull together.  There's no doubt that this waterfall is beautiful, but my fun came when we found the tunnel where the golf carts pass through to get to the other side.  If I had brought lighting I think we would of been there all night.  I loved what we pulled off in here and we still had a changed to make.  Once we finished in the tunnel we escaped out to notice that we had lost quite a bit of daylight.  It seemed that a storm was approaching, so we decided to meet down at the foot of the mountain to change and set our next location.   After thinking of something close to home in case the storm came in.  We decided to shoot some in Starbucks.  I just set back and allowed them to do what they do as a couple. They ordered and sat down for conversation and to enjoy their beverage.  I snapped a few shots off and snapped a few shots off and snapped a few shots off.  I looked and I thought we may have got enough to call this a wrap.  As I went through my selection for this post I couldn't help but to smile at this opportunity.  I had spoke to Teka and Jamie early on and thought they had went with another photographer and out of the blue Jamie contacted me to set up a consultation.  The rest is history and what a privilege I have to share in this moment with these two wonderful people.  Thanks guys and I can't say it enough and we're one step closer to that special day.  I hope you enjoy the pics, God Bless..............

Friday, August 19, 2011

Senior 2012 (Brooklyn Wherry)

              Brooklyn enters this school year at Sparkman High as a senior.  This young lady has always been well mannered and seems to be always smiling when I see her.  Me and Brooklyn's mom are friends and she always thinks of Ron when she needs photographs.  I remember when I first started taken the photography more serious.  She asked me to come and photograph her Brooklyn at her homecoming game a few years back.  Time truly waits on no one and as I look back on time I can't believe this young lady is a senior already.  A very pretty young lady and I know your going to be a very successful as well.  I would like you to enjoy this year.  College will be fun and a different experience, but there's nothing like your senior year of high school.  Thanks Sorita for allowing me to be apart of this occasion.