Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Finally Here (Heather & Steven)

      This journey for me started around the end of summer of 2010.  I remember receiving a friend request from a Heather Hipp.  The last name sounded familiar, but where from?  I looked her up at the time and saw that she was engaged, so I thought to myself maybe she's looking at some of my work.  The next day was my company's monthly all hands meeting.  After this meeting one of my co-workers brought this gorgeous lady my way :-).  She introduced her and her name was Becky Hipp.  You know something I thought,
before it could come out Becky was saying her daughter Heather had contacted me on facebook.  Now it comes together, but who would of known with the circumstances that presented us we would be able to work together.  With down payment already in place and obligation to another photographer, I keep hearing from Becky we still may use you.   Well, I got the chance to do the engagement session and they braved the cold to get these wonderful pictures we created.  Steven is Heathers knight in shining armor.  He's a soft spoken young man that you know you are ok by his genuine smile.  I would say something and I could count on Steven to give me a smile.  The both of them are a great couple and it was joy to work with them.  It didn't stop with them because as the process moved on I got to know Becky a little better.  This is a women who truly loves her children and with a new grandbaby to spoil.  She still shows much love and concern for both of her kids.  Those with kids know what I'm talking about when it comes to grandparents and there grandbabies.  Nevertheless the opportunity did arise for me to step in as their photographer. I thank Heather and Steven for believing in me and having the confidence in me to never question what I asked them to do.  It was a long journey, but it's finally here and now gone, but what a wonderful team you guys make.  The wedding was awesome and Becky and Jennifer did a magnificent job on decorating and putting everything together. I thank Keith Pullum (Keith Pullum Photography) and Susan Eason (SLE Design & Photography) for the collaboration.  I hope you enjoy the pics and please leave a few comments for the newlyweds.  God Bless, Peace..........

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shaneva & Greg

        This is one of those shoots that I felt like I was photographing friends.  There was no rush we just went through the routine and talked and laughed and when it was all said and done we had spent nearly 2 hours.  I meet Sheaneva in my sister n laws hair salon.  We talked about her upcoming wedding and the need for a photographer.  It wasn't 5 minutes in the conversation she hired me.  She was confident that I could do what she needed although she will tell you she could care less about the picture aspect of it.  After our sit down to finalize everything and schedule their photo shoot I then realize that I could bring in what they love to do most......... Get your minds out the gutter lol.  I'm talking about riding their motorcycles.  They both represent the double S motorcycle club (Street Sweepers).  Greg riding a white Hybusa and Shaneva on her black and pink Ninja.  This was a beautiful thing and these two having been knowing each other forever made for chemistry that was off the chain.  They both had me laughing and through all the playing you could see the genuine love they have for each other.  You can see in some of the photos where they were just tickled to death.  One of the most enjoyable session I've had and I'm now looking forward to the wedding.  The ceremony set for July 1st and fast approaching.  God bless Greg and Shaneva on your upcoming day may it be filled with joy and laughter and I know you guys are going to laugh :-) Peace......

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chaka & Kerry (Mind Made Up)

            I've been knowing Chaka for about 5 years now and when she called to tell me she was getting married and wanted me to be her photographer I was more than happy to oblige.  I called this one Mind Made Up because the funny thing is we spoke about a couple of dates before Chaka put her foot down and said this is it.  I had never meet Kerry, so when we scheduled a consultation I was anxious to meet who had grabbed one of Huntsville's most eligible bachelorettes.  My first perception of Kerry is he was a laid back guy, but you could tell he cared dearly for Chaka.  We finally got together to do there engagement session and I wanted to do this one with a little more interaction between the two.  We had access to a  bus, so we did some shots there and tried to bring out the old school day crush type of vibe.  Then we moved over to the Providence location and there I got to noticing that Kerry was really enjoying the kissing shots.  Well, me being a man I had to take care of my boy lol. kissing, kissing, and kissing they did lol.  We had a laugh about that.  All and all we had a good shoot and look forward to some of the same this August.  Congrats, and Chaka I know your thinking "Mr. Corn sure is fast"  just trying to take care of one of my favorite people.  Hope you enjoy, God Bless!!!