Friday, November 25, 2011

Shateka + Jamie = Married

         Did I mention I love to do weddings?  This couple is just one of the reasons that I continue to love being a wedding photographer.  I may have got this one by default, being me and Jamie are kinfolk lol.  Nevertheless this was a chance to get the inside track on the rest of the relatives.  I think I just moved up on the list of Jamie's favorite cousins lol. Everything went quite well through out this entire process.  The bridal was awesome with Shateka and I really enjoyed the engagement session as well.  These guys are just made for each other.  You would think that they've been married for years and as I was picking out their song for the slideshow.  I came across this song called My Heart and at first I didn't think it fit, but then I came back to it and came back to it.  Anthony was explaining how he had found his appreciation for his love.  It was her heart that keep calling him, her care for him.  That explains the spirit of Shateka and Jamie.  I think they've listen to each others hearts and found that inseparable love.  There's nothing like love when it's right.  Continue to nurture your love and don't forget the most important thing, God.  Thank you guys once again because you didn't have to, but you found in your heart to trust me and I always take that seriously.  Congrats.........Now here is a glimpse into their special day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shateka Crutcher Montague (Bridal Session)

        This bridal session was my first in a while, so I was excited to finally get a bride that wasn't concern about cleaning their dress afterwards lol.  Believe me I do know there not cheap to clean, but thanks to Shateka who was excited about her session gave me the opportunity to spend some time behind the camera a little while longer with a bride.  Shateka was easy going and took my direction quite well.  She brought two of her sisters along to assist that I'm thankful for as well.  I think there presents also brought a calmness to the shoot.  I have to give a shout out to the Historical Weeden House for allowing us to use their property to do the shoot.  Since the wedding was yesterday Nov, 12 I'm elated to share a few of the images from the shoot.  I want to thank Charles Rudder for assisting me on this day and wanted to share one of my favorite images not just shot by him, but of the entire session.  Hope that everyone enjoys and congrats to Shateka and Jamie on their union.  Wedding pics are coming, but for now

This image above was shot by Charles Rudder