Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Angela & Rick E Session

      One day I was going through my facebook feed when I saw a video posted by a friend.  It basically showed a day of preparation as they went through the process of finding a wedding gown and tuxes for their wedding day.  I really was impressed by the idea to send a save a date invite through video.  I'm thinking "Me and this couple could really do some good stuff", with that type of creativity.  After speaking to Jurian Isabelle the videographer that shot and put together their video it sound like that hadn't picked out their photographer and was in the hunt to find one.  I see you know where this is going and YES I'm so excited about August 31st.  For the engagement we really were trying to put something together that would be really grand, but things didn't line up that way.  What a day we had though.  This couple is sexy without any effort and you can tell the chemistry really made for some hot pictures.  I'm beyond words about my expectation on wedding day, but for now lets enjoy the beauty of Angela and Rick.