Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jon & Jay (E Session)

      I got a call the earlier part of the year from Jon and her sisters about her engagement.  This is my cousin and although I know she's a young lady now I guess it took a minute for it to register.  You know I was curious to know about this fellow that has grabbed a part of her heart, but after meeting Jay I felt at ease.  Now we can move on to scheduling the session and as we moved it back a few times I knew the weather was not going to continue to hold up.  If you've been around Huntsville you know that the weather has been a little spring like to be winter time, but God granted us one more beautiful weekend.  It was great and I enjoyed getting to know Jay a little better and spending time with Jon.  With temps in the 70's in December you couldn't ask for more favor at this time of year.  Congratulations to the two and I can't wait till March to capture your wedding day.