Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Mrs. Morgan Bailey - Blessing

         Great to be a part of something so precious. Wanted to share just a few pics of Morgan's christening or some may call blessing ceremony.  Thanks to Rosie Spragins (God Mother) for contacting me to capture this special day.  I must share that it had been some trying circumstances that almost took precedence.  Morgan's older brother had some issues with his health in the prior weeks, but God granted direction and healing so this family had been through a lot leading up this day.  I was glad to see him walk in with his parents.  It was surely a lot to be over joyed about.  Congrats to the parents Delano and Carleen Bailey and to the God Parents Darryl Owens and Rosie Spragins. God Bless!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ashley + Byron = Married

      I was excited when first confirmed that I would be this couples wedding photographer.  After a great engagement session I had expectation of the wedding going just as well.  Ashley and Byron together have such great chemistry and It's hard to not have good photos of the two.  As I was going through the photos a song came across that I thought would really go well with the imagery.  The song is a great gospel song, but I not only thought this in the way of God, but in what they meant to each other.  I must say I had a great team of photographers to help me capture this beautiful day.  Much appreciation goes to Susan Eason, Cindy Shaver, and Corey Jackson for providing magnificent support.  I thank Ashley and Byron for the trust they put in me to do a good job on their special day.  Please take the time to view this journey of that day with the slideshow presentation below.  God Bless, Enjoy!!!