Friday, December 30, 2011

Pics Of 2011 (THANKS)

      What an exciting year for Ron Corn Photography.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity's that came my way this year.  I can't say thanks enough to the clients whom I worked with.  Here's a photo montage of some our pics of 2011.  Happy New Year to all and may God bless you and keep you is my prayer.  Peace!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011


      Christmas day is always a beautiful time for me.  I think we take it for granted that everyone feels this way.  As I look back at just a few days before Christmas the news reported a 7 year old girl was killed, so I think this can't be a good time for them.  Then my wife received a word that she had lost a co worker to the complication of cancer, so I think this can't be a good time for them.  See it is not only death at holiday time that makes it hard, but also the lack of having.  The hustle of getting gifts for the children and love ones can become a little overwhelming if you have a lack of.  So, once gathering all of this in there's always been one thing my mom would say in times of trouble "It could be worse".  I think this state of mind puts you in a grateful attitude.  As we had our Christmas dinner yesterday I was reminded of those exact words.  See the picture here is of my mom's sister and my aunt Corrine (Cokie).  She was diagnose with cancer the early part of the year.  After finding a 10 pound growth and to find out it was cancerous was a bit much for me and my family to take in.  Shocked, disappointed, worried was just a few of our emotions.  When me and my mom went up to the hospital to visit her after the surgery.  My mom was breaking down and we talked about having faith and being strong in front of her.  Once in the room there were others there, but the thing I notice most was my aunts uplifting spirit that filled the room.  You didn't have a chance to come in and be sad because to see her smiling and encouraged was truly a blessing.  After that visit I felt a sense of relief.  My aunt a mother of the church she attends was believing in Gods words.  This is what brought this attitude of rejoicing in her spirit.  As Christians we are tested, but how many of us trust in Gods promise to us.  I think that's why he says if you have the faith only the size of a mustard seed.  That's not a whole lot, but God doesn't require a whole lot of faith to bless you.  Just the size of a mustard seed will do.  Cokie told me one day as I called to check on her that God was already answering prayers.  See it could've been worse if the growth that they removed had spread through out the rest of her body.  That wasn't the case though it hadn't spread.  She's still taking chemo but because she believe I believe that much more.  My aunt is going to the salon to get her hair done.  She's doing things for her, so after I saw the image of her from yesterday I was inspired to share not only the image but a little of her story. 

Because he hath set his love upon me, therfore will I deliver him:
I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.
He shall call upon me. and I will answer him:  I will be with 
him in trouble:  I will deliver him, and honour him.
With long life will I satisfy him,
and shew him my salvation
Psalm 91; 14-16

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shateka + Jamie = Married

         Did I mention I love to do weddings?  This couple is just one of the reasons that I continue to love being a wedding photographer.  I may have got this one by default, being me and Jamie are kinfolk lol.  Nevertheless this was a chance to get the inside track on the rest of the relatives.  I think I just moved up on the list of Jamie's favorite cousins lol. Everything went quite well through out this entire process.  The bridal was awesome with Shateka and I really enjoyed the engagement session as well.  These guys are just made for each other.  You would think that they've been married for years and as I was picking out their song for the slideshow.  I came across this song called My Heart and at first I didn't think it fit, but then I came back to it and came back to it.  Anthony was explaining how he had found his appreciation for his love.  It was her heart that keep calling him, her care for him.  That explains the spirit of Shateka and Jamie.  I think they've listen to each others hearts and found that inseparable love.  There's nothing like love when it's right.  Continue to nurture your love and don't forget the most important thing, God.  Thank you guys once again because you didn't have to, but you found in your heart to trust me and I always take that seriously.  Congrats.........Now here is a glimpse into their special day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shateka Crutcher Montague (Bridal Session)

        This bridal session was my first in a while, so I was excited to finally get a bride that wasn't concern about cleaning their dress afterwards lol.  Believe me I do know there not cheap to clean, but thanks to Shateka who was excited about her session gave me the opportunity to spend some time behind the camera a little while longer with a bride.  Shateka was easy going and took my direction quite well.  She brought two of her sisters along to assist that I'm thankful for as well.  I think there presents also brought a calmness to the shoot.  I have to give a shout out to the Historical Weeden House for allowing us to use their property to do the shoot.  Since the wedding was yesterday Nov, 12 I'm elated to share a few of the images from the shoot.  I want to thank Charles Rudder for assisting me on this day and wanted to share one of my favorite images not just shot by him, but of the entire session.  Hope that everyone enjoys and congrats to Shateka and Jamie on their union.  Wedding pics are coming, but for now

This image above was shot by Charles Rudder

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Korbi + Michael = Married

        I think every young lady comes up dreaming of their wedding day.  The dream to have her dad give her away.  Her mom on the front pew in tears because that's her baby.  In the mist of all the father wants a decent young man that he feels is worthy to have his daughter.  I don't think Korbi's father had to worry about that.  I became acquainted with this couple through Michael's sister Donnissia.  When we met everything seem to go well and although I did have another obligation (Wedding) that day.  They were willing to except anything I could give them.  I appreciated that because I wanted to be there for them, but I knew my time would be limited.  We were able to work out the specifics and when I say God took control of this day, he really took control.  I went into this day knowing I had two weddings to cover and unsure how to cover both with the time given, but then God gave me Keith Pullum (Keith Pullum Photography), Susan Eason (SLE Photography and Design) and Charles Rudder to help get me through the day.  This crew of photographer are awesome and I appreciate them for   sacrificing a free day to help me.  As I was making ready the slideshow and I look back on this day I had to give God all the glory.  This song is what seemed to me to fit this occasion. We put so much trust in things that don't matter and then it or they seemed to come up short we're right back were we started.  God never fails us and despite the unfaithfulness we so often display.  He's right there leading us to another victory, NOBODY GREATER!!!!!! Thanks Michael and Korbi for your faith that allowed you to trust.   

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mary + Curtis = Married

        With each couple the journey to get to the appointed day seems like forever, but before you know it's here and gone.  I think Mary and Curtis both will recall me saying enjoy the ride and don't rush it.  I say that because when I got married that was one thing that I cherished, was the process.  From picking out the venues, caterers, florist, and so on.  This was the first thing you work together to accomplish.  Once you reach that day and you go down that check list you of course have something that's driving you nuts, but when it's all said and done it worked out.  I met with Curtis quite a few times and he was always taking it in stride.  Cool brother that to me seemed about his business.  Mary when I first met her was very stern and had the poker face on through out our meeting.  This was a lady out to get what she wanted and at that bargaining table I felt like I was on the apprentice and I knew any second those words would come out of her mouth "Your Fired" lol.  Once that was behind us she was all smiles and I saw some of the side that had Curtis ready to make her his wife.  I'm happy for this couple and the support of the family and friends was shown in the huge smiles as the ceremony moved along.  I must say out of the weddings I've done the Pastor did something that made him stand out.  He did not only charge them responsible for one another, but he set the same precedence for family and friends.  This was a beautiful ceremony and the words that were spoken were heartfelt.  With that said here is a little slide show presentation I put together that will enlighten you on the beauty and pleasantness that flowed through that day.  Congrats to the newlyweds, Curtis and Mary I pray many, many, many anniversaries are in store for your future.  After viewing the slide show please leave some kind words to the couple.  God Bless, and enjoy!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dapphenye + James = Engaged

        This was one of the more relaxed shoots I've had in a while.  I must say that usually the women or always ready to take on the session, but most guys or just ready to get it over with lol.  James was one of those you rarely come across.  He was patient and willing to go the distance for his future wife. Although all of my clients have possessed that characteristic. It was a different feel coming from him.  He was truly a mellow type individual.  Starting out in downtown Huntsville we were able to take advantage of the beautiful landmarks and what added icing on the cake was running up on Cotton Row Restaurant.  Dapphenye and James thought it would be really cool to do some shots in there.  James was willing to order or do whatever it took to get the permission, but it came with no hesitation nor obligation.  The manager was willing to allow the session to take place here.  She also showed us around and as we took this tour we were taken to a loft upstairs that was really cool.  Need less to say we basically shot the remainder of our session here.  As the session ended I guess being a good host paid off because Dapphenye and James decided to have dinner in the establishment.  I thank you two for your patients and allowing me to part of this journey.  I've put together a slideshow of the session and hope you enjoy.  Hope you enjoy the few I made apart of this presentation.  God Bless!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sneak Peek (The Scrivner Family)

             Had a session this morning with this adorable family.  Had time to post a few and I must say Mr. Drennen did a magnificent job.  He was all smiles for the most part and made it really easy to capture some nice photos.  Thanks Jim and Karla for the opportunity hope you enjoy this little taste of what we got out of this session.  Stay tune full post coming!!!! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Mrs. Morgan Bailey - Blessing

         Great to be a part of something so precious. Wanted to share just a few pics of Morgan's christening or some may call blessing ceremony.  Thanks to Rosie Spragins (God Mother) for contacting me to capture this special day.  I must share that it had been some trying circumstances that almost took precedence.  Morgan's older brother had some issues with his health in the prior weeks, but God granted direction and healing so this family had been through a lot leading up this day.  I was glad to see him walk in with his parents.  It was surely a lot to be over joyed about.  Congrats to the parents Delano and Carleen Bailey and to the God Parents Darryl Owens and Rosie Spragins. God Bless!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ashley + Byron = Married

      I was excited when first confirmed that I would be this couples wedding photographer.  After a great engagement session I had expectation of the wedding going just as well.  Ashley and Byron together have such great chemistry and It's hard to not have good photos of the two.  As I was going through the photos a song came across that I thought would really go well with the imagery.  The song is a great gospel song, but I not only thought this in the way of God, but in what they meant to each other.  I must say I had a great team of photographers to help me capture this beautiful day.  Much appreciation goes to Susan Eason, Cindy Shaver, and Corey Jackson for providing magnificent support.  I thank Ashley and Byron for the trust they put in me to do a good job on their special day.  Please take the time to view this journey of that day with the slideshow presentation below.  God Bless, Enjoy!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brittany & Levi (Committed)

        I have to start off this post by thanking God for what he's doing in my life.  I start it off this way because when I think of Brittany and how she appreciates my work.  It allows me to think back at how I would look at other photographers and just be in aw at some of their photographs.  Brittany shows me just that type of love and appreciation.  This was a bitter sweet session for me.  Brittany and Levi have their appointment with the preacher October 1st.  Brittany is a co-worker of mine and had told me that she would love for me to be her and Levi's photographer for their wedding.  The unfortunate thing was I was already booked for this day.  I think disappointment set in on both of us when It seemed that neither could budge on the obligation we had for that day.  To even consider moving it was a compliment, but it just couldn't be.  Well, we got together and she still wanted pictures, so that's when she booked me to shoot their engagement session.  I thought it out and had some locations in mind.  The old saying when it rains it pours seemed to be creeping in when one of the locations wouldn't allow us to use their facilities.  That wasn't going to stop us and I was determine to stay focus.  We decided to meet out in New Market and I choose this because of the country feel and old buildings.  After a few snaps there I wanted to allow Levi to serenade Brittany a little with his guitar.  So we decided to move over to Sharon Johnson Park and let Levi do a little singing and he did give me the country version of a few R&B tunes lol.  The interaction among them gave me some pretty good shots.  As the day was coming to an end I had one more spot to go and I thought there would be a good spot to end our session.  I was glad I made it because it gave us a couple great silhouettes and some other good stuff with the sun setting.  I thank Brittany and Levi for being so patient and not allowing disappointment to ruin what was a awesome session.  Wish you nothing but love and blessings in future days a head as husband and wife.  God Bless.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teka & Jamie (A Building Of Love)

       I remember when I first saw Teka and Jamie together.  It seemed to be easier to separate white out of milk than to see these two apart.  That's the beauty of love when you find the right one you become inseparable.  I'm jumping up and down to shoot this wedding and being a November wedding the temps should be perfect.  Now about this engagement session...... After talking a bit about locations we decided to go to Hampton Cove and use the beautiful waterfall as our backdrop.  I hadn't shot here in a while, so I was wondering what shots could we pull together.  There's no doubt that this waterfall is beautiful, but my fun came when we found the tunnel where the golf carts pass through to get to the other side.  If I had brought lighting I think we would of been there all night.  I loved what we pulled off in here and we still had a changed to make.  Once we finished in the tunnel we escaped out to notice that we had lost quite a bit of daylight.  It seemed that a storm was approaching, so we decided to meet down at the foot of the mountain to change and set our next location.   After thinking of something close to home in case the storm came in.  We decided to shoot some in Starbucks.  I just set back and allowed them to do what they do as a couple. They ordered and sat down for conversation and to enjoy their beverage.  I snapped a few shots off and snapped a few shots off and snapped a few shots off.  I looked and I thought we may have got enough to call this a wrap.  As I went through my selection for this post I couldn't help but to smile at this opportunity.  I had spoke to Teka and Jamie early on and thought they had went with another photographer and out of the blue Jamie contacted me to set up a consultation.  The rest is history and what a privilege I have to share in this moment with these two wonderful people.  Thanks guys and I can't say it enough and we're one step closer to that special day.  I hope you enjoy the pics, God Bless..............