Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Courage, Commitment & Love (Porsha & Jamaal)

      As the day to shoot Porsha and Jamaal's engagement session got closer.  I began to think of how I would approach the shoot.  Porsha helped me by communicating what they would wear during the session.  Since Jamaal would be wearing his military uniform I wanted to approach it a little different than what I had seen before.  Different things started to inspire me from clips of superman to seeing the U.S. flag.  We had great weather on this day and because of that it made me more relaxed.  It's amazing what cool dry weather can do for the soul.  As I was putting this post together three words stood out.  COURAGE for what Jamaal displays by serving as one of our proud soldiers. COMMITMENT for the devotion they have for their favorite team, Roll Tide and then LOVE for when it comes to wanting to make the wonderful choose of marriage.  I was honored to capture and be apart of this special moment.  I pray God continues to bless both of you and supply you with the tools to have a successful marriage.  You've already seen the sneak peek, so here are a those plus a few more from this pleasant Sunday evening.