Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Is In The Air

      I was glad when I had the opportunity to take my daughter and her two cousins to a Easter egg hunt today.  Before we picked up my niece and nephew we got into a discussion about the true meaning of Easter and I didn't want to miss out on this teach moment for my daughter, but to my surprise she understood it all.  No.. I wasn't doubting she didn't know the meaning, but was ensured she knew Easter eggs was a part of the commercialization of Easter.  Now I must say I remembered as a child that picking out the right Easter basket and making sure you had enough salt and pepper with you to along with the eggs you found after the church Easter program was priority one lol. I find nothing wrong with kids being kids, but lets make sure once all the commercial stuff is said and done that we educate our children about the greatest day in history.  The death, burial and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Allow yourself to take possession of the most valuable thing in the world and it's free, SALVATION.  I pray that everyone enjoy the good meals that will be cooked.  The Easter egg hunts that will be done and the feeding of your soul through the holy spirit at sunrise service.  God Bless you and keep each of you is my prayer.

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